01/29/18 Mauricio Dresses




Every now and then I love doing strips which in no way play into the plot, just for a laugh.


  1. MikeyLikesIt

    I particularly liked this page. If you had described it to me I would have said the idea was a waste of time. But having read/seen it–yeah that was pretty durned funny!

  2. Rikard



    The words ‘puppet-master’ comes to mind.

    Let’s see some shoes as well. Can’t deliver a swift kick in the moral compass of perceived injustice if you are not wearing gear up to spec., now can you?

    Maybe that’s Jabby’s weakness? An inability to wear shoes? Oh-my-lords-and-ladies, I can’t stop guffawing!

    Greetings from Sweden,
    Rikard, ex teacher

  3. TB

    By the way, it’s interesting to compare all this to the outfit he ended up with in the recent scenes. That outfit looks a lot more like something Mauricio would pick out than Jabby, which says at least a little bit about who’s still in charge. At least while Mauricio is conscious.

  4. Peter Rogan

    Mauricio dressing like John the Baptist, whether or not Jabby concurred, does not indicate anything like a settled state of mind to me. There’s a reason for the sackcloth and ashes, and I don’t think it’s a personal liking for locusts and honey.

  5. Gregg Eshelman

    The webcomic After-Y2K had a few digital paper dolls with outfit pieces one could drag into position. Nitrozac and Snaggy let that die with a whimper in 2003 but still do The Joy of Tech.

    Perhaps they might share how the paper dolls were done?

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