02/07/18 Wezzle Assesses




Apologies, the strip was done but didn’t update. Here it is!

Whoot! Hump Day


    1. Of course, he does. But since Jabby is still part of Mauricio when he’s in the ship with Nog and Mr. Zorilla, I take it Wezzle wasn’t too successful. I wonder if Jabby had to deal out some justice to Wezzle too.

  1. Mauricio’s expression when Jabby says censorship is wrong!
    Wezzle’s expression in the next panel!

    Love Wezzle’s draped tentacle on the table similar to the way a person rests their arm on a table. For such strange looking aliens, Chris, you’ve done a great job of imbuing them with recognisable human characteristics, making them all the funnier.

  2. I was wondering about your liking this new character so much but now I begin to understand. I love the way they use their tentacles. And their legs are artificial, aren’t they? I suppose they wouldn’t need them if it weren’t for the technological world and all… So their tentacles can be feet or hands at will, can’t they? I’d like to see them on their original planet, with their friends there.

  3. Peter Rogan

    What power DOES Jabby have to save someone from atomic implosion/explosion? If all the atoms turned inside-out, doesn’t that mean that happened to him as well as Mauricio? How do you survive something like that? I can see only one of two answers:

    1. You don’t. You are atomized, and then by some means you reconstruct yourself and your host. I don’t know what kind of nanotechnology permits that, but it suggests the ability to manifest coherence across a distance, and to retain memory of atomic structure through it all.

    2. You translate yourself and your subject to a side-universe where this sort of thing isn’t happening, then translate back when the main danger’s past and deal with things like vacuum and hard radiation and the like.

    My money’s on No.1. Jabby’s reach is more extensive than shown to date, and may in fact have been extended by the ordeal. That which does not kill me and so forth. Very Dr. Manhattan.

    Which suggests an even more unpleasant result. If Jabby can survive such an implosion/explosion, what’s to keep him from doing the same to the entire universe when he knows he and his concept of ‘justice’ will be the only things left? Mauricio not included; his value even as transport and life-support seems to be compromised, if not already demonstrated disposable.

    And what happens when he hits the Drak-Sim? At this point, my guts knot in fear and apprehension and I need another Scotch. Excuse me.

  4. Night-Gaunt49

    Smaller than nano, we are talking material reconstruction atom by atom. Maybe even from the nucleus upward in complexity. Though if Jabby can have full control over his death ray, he can reconstruct as well as destroy or should I use the word I first heard on Outer Limits (1963) was “uncreate”. I wonder if Jabby has a memory bank of everyone he kills? If he does he may be able to reconstruct them. But that would be against his programming if can theoretically do so.

  5. Peter Rogan

    What’s more disturbing than this ability to re-self-create is Jabby’s warped notion of ‘justice.’ We have found that the better part of animal kingdom seems to have an innate sense of what’s fair and what’s unfair, which we have sculpted into the handmaiden of Law, covering situations where law would produce an unfair result. I get the impression this isn’t Jabby’s understanding of the concept.

    After all, he finds it ‘just’ that he was attached as a parasitic cybernetic organism on an unwilling human host. Big hole in your logic right there. So what else escapes what we call ‘justice’? What remains? And what is it going to do?

    Obviously Jabby has an idea, which he has sense enough to not disclose, though he’s stolen a starship and co-opted the pilot, however you and Wezzle want to characterize that. Sooner or later the destination will come up, and we might get some inkling. But Jabby didn’t think using a trapped Eeb to save the universe was in any way unjust. I get the impression he’s looking for a peculiar and rather idiosyncratic version not of ‘justice,’ but of ‘balance.’ Of what with what, I shudder to think.

    I have to go and purchase more Scotch now.

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