02/12/18 Great Power




Some solutions are simply superior to other solutions, when there is no good solution.

If you are thinking, “hey, I don’t remember there being flames on the side of Wezzle’s ship,” well, you’re correct. I decided I wanted them and added them Sunday afternoon.



  1. Yarrun

    If Wezzle had ended up attached to Jabby, he’d have him outmaneuvered in ten pages.

    I am appreciating his approach to the situation. I guess everyone before was so focused on detaching Jabby that no one thought to try and control him.

  2. Makes one wonder what Wezzle’s up to. I don’t doubt his plans are self-serving. Yet hopefully, perhaps he means to help Mauricio too, not just himself.

    Chris, is the ship’s name ‘Pontulous’ supposed to mean anything?

  3. Lord Dubious

    Ha – Wezzle first managed to stay with his ship and now will manage to eradicate the crimeboss het indebted to.
    I like it!

    Brilliant little manipulating Sqid-pilot-thingie.

  4. Peter Rogan

    Makes me wonder what Wezzle knows about this ‘Gounder’ he isn’t telling right now. He’s only said enough to divert Jabby to a new target. Whether it’s for personal gain, or personal animus, or some altruist shtick he’s shown he’s capable of, we won’t know until the confrontation. By which time Wezzle will have figured out how to be two steps ahead of Jabby than one.

    ‘Pontulous’ could be taken as a Greco-Latin term for ‘little sea,’ if it comes to that. A living contradiction, take it as you will.

  5. Coyoty

    I think Wezzle has someone else in mind to replace the Gounder. He’s hoping Jabby and the Gounder will destroy each other and he can fill the vacuum. If not, then either Jabby rids him of the Gounder or the Gounder rids him of Jabby.

  6. Night-Gaunt49

    Wezzel just might have “his” own plans that Jabby can make real. The question is can “he” get rid of Jabby too? If “he” can’t take out this Gounder, how does “he”think he can over power or fool Jabby? Maybe “he” expects all of them to destroy each other. This should be interesting to see unfold.

    And if I am wrong and Wezzel is being up front about it then never mind.

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