02/19/18 – The Chump




Cedra gives me edits for my strips these days, mostly line edits, but this is one where just here and there she nudged it into something better. I am so grateful and in love with her. And I laugh more.  I hope you do too.


    1. andreas

      True. Then again, Klypt’s eyes appear similar to omnidirectional cameras, inasmuch one can guess the internals of a deep black structure. So it appears they see much more than that.

      The remaining question is will he/she/it/qffrzll/they see coming what Wezzle is pushing for and Mauricio along with the reader has quietly resigned him/herself to?

  1. Yarrun

    As blunt and unsubtle as this is, this is actually a good strategy. Jabby’s whole thing is that he only shoots for ‘justice’. If Wezzle actually convinces him to shoot Klypt, then Jabby wouldn’t be able to turn on him later without admitting that he screwed up with shooting Klypt, and he’d hate doing that.

  2. andreas

    Reverse-engineering Klypt’s eyes, it looks like their species is nocturnal – or evolved on a dark planet – with predators attacking from any direction at a moment’s notice?

    Well, if nothing else Klypt has the sensory apparatus to fully appreciate what’s coming to him…

  3. Yang_Tomoe


    -put water on to boil in a pot,

    -add a bag of Oolong tea for a nice base, (or loose if you prefer), just be sure to remove any bits before adding anything else.

    -Try adding some Nori to your ramen. Just be sure to chop it into fine little pieces with a pair of scissors first. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nori. likewise, most seaweed works, but Nori is so much more manageable.

    Also: chopped carrots (i like medallions), sesame oil, a bit of ginger, some garlic and finished with some green onions and mushrooms.

    If you like, you can add soy sauce for some Umami i suppose, but it is not good for you to do often. Think of soy sauce as Japanese Ketchup. Black bean sauce is also flavorful but likewise, not so good for you.

    Things people add also include:
    – Sliced up hard boiled egg, if you don’t mind eating the unborn….
    – Scallops and shrimp, if you don’t mind eating meat…..
    – Octopus, Squid, Cuttlefish or Pork, if you don’t mind eating other intelligent life….
    – fishcake…. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Narutomaki

    I like to add the broth to the noddles already in a bowl, just to let it soak up the broth and get soft if they are prepackaged. Alternatively you can add a single servings of noddles trapped in a wire mesh ladle directly to the boiling broth in your pot if they are fresh. A good trick is to cook each person’s noodles individually so that everyone gets the same amount of noodle,broth and stuff.

    Loving the comic, keep up the good work!

    P.S. Why an adobe house? That is a mud hut right? isn’t that a step backwards? You do realize that your sun is going to expand and immolate your planet right? You need to be developing tech to get off planet…..Hiding in primitive tech will NOT save you as a species. Anyways are you not concerned about worms and bugs getting into your home? What is with Terran’s fascination with dirt? I mean….you named your planet after it…. Terra, Earth, Dirt….. Dirtians….. Feel free to use that in your comic if you wish.

    1. @Yang, great ramen ideas, I’ll have to try some (I eat eggs, but am a vegetarian since birth, so, some limitations for me)

      And adobe makes a lot of sense in dry hot climates. It acts well to maintain a more steady heat, both in hot and cold. Plus, a lot of earth building well outlasts modern construction. And since we won’t be making it off planet in MY lifetime, it seems to make something we’re proud of by hand with only a tiny environmental footprint is a nice thing. 🙂

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