02/14/18 – Drag-Beam




Dahhh! I forgot to upload this before going out  hopefully doing it right from my phone  will check when I get home (I’m home and fixed it)



  1. Jude

    With Anesu and Bikkie being out of the picture for now, we now have another character to love! With Jabby only exposed to Mauricio’s forthright personality, if it assumed others would be similarly candid, it’s in for a big surprise with Wezzel. Jabby is no match for Wezzel’s devious ways. It’s funny, looking at the situation from our view, at how gullible Jabby is. Wezzle certainly seems to know how to push the boundary with Jabby and not end up being ‘justified’.

  2. Coyoty

    Mauricio has already tried to trick Jabby into killing itself. Didn’t work.

    I’ve determined that Jabby and Mauricio are a horrifying and horrified version of The Tick and Arthur.

  3. Thracecius

    Yeah, no, you’re definitely not fooling Mauricio, and by extension, Jabby. I’m not sure it will matter to Jabby in the long run, but this certainly has “long journey” written all over it from Mauricio’s perspective. 😉

  4. andreas

    More particularly, Klypt is always hogging the best tanning spots in the quadrant, parallel parking luxury liners over multiple space lanes, letting space amoebas defecate freely in residential zones, and cutting me off just before rush lightmonth! No more.

    1. Coyoty

      I think Jabby could be redeemed somehow. He reminds me of the character Vulture from Jack L. Chalker’s “Rings of the Master” series. It started off as an engineered parasitic spy that took over people’s bodies, and ended up as a caring family man.

      1. Gregg Eshelman

        Only because Vulture ended up locked into a form after being very carefully processed with transporter tech (along with everyone else in that royal family, servants etc) with every bit of his current form very slightly altered.

        Thus vulture “became a real boy”, finally able to be what he never could before. Nevermind it was as a radically altered human. He could be a biological father. He could even *die*.

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