02/26/18 – Mauricio’s Deficiency




Sunday was my birthday, and I had a lovely time out seeing “The Dark Crystal” on the big screen and then having dinner at a friend’s house afterwards. Hard to top that!


  1. Muzhik

    Hippo Birdy, Christopher!

    “The Dark Crystal” has my favorite mis-remembered movie line. (Don’t correct me. I know it’s wrong. I like my version better.)

    “It is the End. And the Beginning. They’re both the same, you know.”

    1. TB

      “Dark Crystal” didn’t get a tenth of the respect it deserved in theaters, but it’s become a favorite in later years, and was always a favorite of mine. A classic example of the creativity of Henson’s effects people in the days before CGI.

  2. Meran

    Yes, knew about the new Dark Crystal thing.

    Loved the movie, have it in several forms, have named a Pom Fizzgigg, have practiced drawing little creatures from the film (with Froud’s blessing!), have many of the books!

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