02/28/18 – Inquisitive Parenting




We leave today for Alberta for two months! Cross your fingers for no snow during the drive!


  1. Night-Gaunt49

    Jabby has been quiet smart in getting Mauricio to “agree” to his murders. He needs to stop thinking in ways that Jabby can used to kill.

    In the mean time finish the story!

  2. Kaidah

    You’re going to Alberta in March and April? Plan for snow. A lot of snow. Like Mr. Zorilla said “it’s a more solid bet.” 😉 Fingers crossed for you though.

    Here in Toronto we’re about to get 20-odd cm of snow and what we see as a heavy snowfall Albertans see as a mild spring day. Still, it’s beautiful out there. I love being sent out to our office in Calgary.

  3. Jude

    Don’t know if this’ll help you but…
    Public alerts for extreme weather warnings for Alberta updated constantly:
    (A lot of the province is under snowfall or winter storm warnings today, Thursday Mar 1 so be prepared.)
    Boy, am I glad to live in the very southwest corner of BC which we jokingly call Canada’s Banana Belt (we can grow ornamental banana trees/plants outdoors). We have had a snowier winter though but there’s none around now.

    General weather forecasts for Alberta (select what city/town from the drop down menu as the map just shows a few):

      1. Kaidah

        That’s the best kind of snowfall, the kind that comes once you’re home and don’t have anywhere else to go until at least the next day. Nothing to do but watch it silently cover everything.

  4. Meran

    With books and art supplies (oh, and food and warmth), I’d be fine getting snowed in! Lived in Maine for 5 yrs. Experienced an 8 ft snowfall, in March, while there!

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