03/26/18 – The Party Divides




Aw, Bikkie. You always crack me up.


  1. Leinglo

    With her augmentations (the “indestructible metal bones” in particular), wouldn’t Joyce be too heavy to be lifted, nevermind suplexed, with one hand by a physically ordinary human? Hwan may have super martial arts skills now, but that doesn’t magically translate to super strength.

      1. andreas

        Metal does tend to be heavy, but 1) some alloys are lighter than others and 2) we’re probably talking an optimized 3D lattice structure designed to resist pushing and twisting forces while being made mostly of holes. Those tend to be on the light side.

        1. Muzhik

          Don’t forget: you can get some truly, TRULY funky alloys when blending metals in a null-g environment. Stuff you literally cannot make in sufficient quantities to be useful when you’re at the bottom of a gravity well.

          Imagine a samurai sword made from a titanium-tungsten-aluminum alloy.

          “Strong” and “lightweight” do not begin to cover it.

      2. Peter Rogan

        But all bets are off concerning Mauricio’s natural abilities, since Jabby has shown he can reconstruct Mauricio at will. Except for his morality which, be it super-strong or simply supernatural and beyond touching, is not capable of movement. Seemingly.

  2. Leinglo, note how he’s squatting after having slammed her. He probably did that as part of the maneuver, to lower his center of gravity so he wouldn’t *have* to lift her at all. A lot of martial arts is about stuff like that, making efficient use of whatever advantage you can spot *or generate*, so that you don’t have to do something inefficient like lift someone.

  3. Night-Gaunt49

    Joyce was nice enough not to resist Hwan’s move. Otherwise it could have gotten very messy. Hwan didn’t have to think it, he just made the move. If he was talking it would have continued uninterrupted as he moved her to the ground. He obviously cannot discriminate since his brain isn’t part of the operation to perform those moves. So you get some pluses and minuses with that technique. Double edged sword there.

  4. Scott

    Bikkie KILLS me! Seriously, he mey be the funniest character I’ve ever seen drawn. Don’t get me wrong, you’re dialogue (?) for Bikkie is hysterical. But if he shows up in a scene, I’m giggling. His crazed “Berserker” face sets me to almost howling. No lines. No punching. Just that wide-eyed rage…I’m chuckling as I type.
    Just thought I’d share.

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