04/26/18 – Maybe A Plan




Relationships are hard. And bad thoughts don’t mean one wants actual bad actions. Usually.


  1. Metaphizzle

    This is why rebound relationships are a bad idea. Because you invariably manipulate your new SO into avenging your ex and wind up trapped in a pit with a sapient, bloodthirsty gun.

    1. andreas

      Therefore as a public service: a clickbait-y compilation of Top 5 things to do while trapped in a pit with a sapient, bloodthirsty gun :

      Bond with your sidekick
      Fathom the depth of your sidekick’s hidden past that led you to this very place
      Crack a joke about marriage using your cyborg implant as source metaphor
      Give your ex-team-mates time to search for you (while you’re apocalyptic implant is powering up)
      I admit, those are less than 5. But:
      top 4 things to do just wouldn’t do…

  2. Night-Gaunt49

    Just wishing someone dead or even hurt would be enough for Jabby via his programming to kill. A tough burden for almost any human. Glad it was to a normal human and not a psychopath who would have no emotional connexion to anyone or anything. And the way this A.I. has done things would kill anyone at any time just from its host lack of concern.

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