04/30/18 – Preliminary Test




It’s fun (fun?) drawing Mauricio and Wezzle helplessly observing this saber rattling.


  1. Efogoto

    So Jabby is unimpressed with the Gounder’s capabilities, and the Gounder is microscopically impressed with Jabby’s toughness. Unless the escalation is geometric, this could take a while.

  2. andreas

    Ok, this is funny, also the commentary 😉

    The Gounder has caught Jabby in the same way that a dog catches a car – it remains unimpressed but strangely stumped about what to do with it.

    Something tells me that a being who orders construction of a pit plus a matching press will not have stopped there. I wonder what those other buttons on the control pad do…

  3. Peter Rogan

    andreas: I appreciate your “Firefly” reference, truly. But the Gounder did not have the reputation of an erratic damaged wildcard beforehand. He KNOWS what those buttons do. He’s only wondering in what order he should push them. What is the appropriate lethal cadenza?

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