05/01/18 – Killer Robots




It’s creepy enough noticing one has an abscess with some pus underneath, let alone an explosive targeting rocket.


          1. Efogoto

            “body horror” Much more succinct and accurate than the phrases I was coming up with. The closest I got was “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” repeated 14 times.

    1. Efogoto

      You just haven’t been destroyed and reconstituted when destroying a nascent black hole before. Or, at least, I assume you haven’t. Pretty sure your bar for what you’d take calmly would be raised by that.

  1. Strain Of Thought

    So what’s at the top of this pit? Because at first everyone seemed to act like it was open, but I find it hard to believe Jabby couldn’t fly out or climb out somehow. Is the Gounder talking to them over an intercom or just standing at the top of the pit or what? Can Jabby produce autonomous drones or is he required to remain one single coherent unit?

  2. Jude

    Of course we all know and expect Mauricio to be in a constant state of repulsion and shock over Jabby, along with fresh bursts of indescribable horror at new developments. But it’s Wezzle that amuses me.

    With his eyes permanently looking like he’s seen things no one else has (even if no one has before), it’s hard to judge his reaction to everything. He seems incredibly calm for someone facing death (as he was when Jabby first took over his ship) and we can only see what goes on in his mind by his comments
    “Don’t suppose part of that is made out of a sandwich?” When facing death, it’s important not to die on an empty stomach!

    Chris, your webcomics deserves to be better known! I read a few others and often their comment range past 100 or even 200. I wish more knew about Spacetrawler. I have no idea what you think about Hiveworks but a lot if the comics come from or link to Hiveworks. Not sure how it works as I haven’t bothered checking it out. I just read some of the better ones there.

  3. Peter Rogan

    I wish Panel 5 did not provide the visual that last Friday’s “Penny Arcade” only described. Without, you know, the restoration.

    The horrors just keep on coming. Almost enough to make me forget to wonder where the damned robots are coming in. Right now, though, I’m busy trying not to think of the word ‘urethra.’ Oog.

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