05/07/18 – Boxing Sign-Up




I try not to have too many earth things in space simply for the gag, but the 360° eyes with the 360° green transparent visor made me laugh too hard to resist.


  1. Leinglo

    As much as I’d love to see Bikkie kick some arse, now that I think about it he’s kind of had an unbroken record in the story so far, and that makes me worry. I guess the question is, when Bikkie goes up against galactic boxing champions, is he going to be like Hulk against Loki, or like Hulk against Thanos?

    1. Finn Kenyon

      Well characters in stories generally aren’t allowed to be flawless, but I think bookies flaw is not his inability to box better than anyone else, it is his insatiable bloodlust. Also I kinda feel like spacetrawler does not care about that rule of storytelling because Dmitri is flawless in every way and literally always succeeded (I genuinely can’t think of a time where he messed up his part of a plan.)

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