05/08/18 – Betting Sign-Up




There’s a sucker born every second, and yet we usually all think it’s the OTHER person.


  1. Coyoty

    “Now for your nickname. Bikkie the…?”


    “We need something better than BLOOOOODD, sucker.”

    “Blood Sucker works.”

    “Okay. Whatever.”

  2. Hm. I mean, on the one hand Bikkie will win. This is indisputable.
    But I could imagine several models of alien who would have a SEVERE ADVANTAGE against Earth Kangaroos, though I guess id depends on the actual rules.

    Does Bikkie have the boxing finesse to win on *points* against, say, a cyborg-augmented T-rex? A T-rex couldn’t hit Bikkie with its fists, but there is little actual damage Bikkie could do, even skipping the “below-the-belt” rule.

    Can he up the violence angle enough to win on “opponent death” against a sentient swarm of bees with tiny boxing gloves?

  3. andreas

    “Anesu, this is all part of our plan to save the universe, right?”

    “Wha’? Ah. Good point. I mean – of course. Obviously. Integral part. Why would you even ask?”

  4. Eric

    Anesu seems to be the Dmitri of this group. Easily underestimated but has plans beneath plans and somehow manages to get fortune on their side. Btw, love the shading and texture on her jacket.

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