05/16/18 – Gounder Guest Suite




It’s funny. I designed this suite, pretty much for only these two short strips. And I liked the suite, and would move in in a heartbeat. But when I was drawing it, I thought, “huh, it’s kinda small.” And so Devyat took one for the team and mouthed my own opinion about my own work. Art v life, which wins this time?


  1. Leinglo

    Why do I have this strange premonition that, by the end of this series, Bikkie will have developed into one of the greatest philosophers of violence the galaxy has ever known?

  2. Gounder seems to be an insectoid alien, making the walls and ceiling into extra “leg room” to chill out on. plus, lots of insects are used to climbing all over each other in incredibly cramped quarters. this is clearly outrageous luxurious spaciousness. tens of thousands of intelligent insectoid aliens could crawl all over each other in here.

    oh yea — i also like to think Gounder is only about 3-inches across.

    and can shoot tiny poisonous darts from its butt, knees, and face with stunning accuracy. and has a carapace made of titanium. and is basically a super-armored, heavily-armed, flying cockroach genius of evil.

  3. Nomi

    Although I love the idea of Gounder being just inches across, I think there were some “Gounder history” strips that showed G interacting with (i.e. killing) other beings, flying spaceships, etc., that indicated G was not so tiny. Of course, all those other victims/aliens and their equipment might also have been inches across….

  4. Peter Rogan

    Bikkie is laying the groundwork for a fight with the Gounder that only he, Bikkie, will survive. You don’t need to be angry, or threatening, to get the message across. A message the Gounder either missed or considers unimportant. A fatal weakness, that. People with Bikkie’s life score total who speak softly must be listened to. If not…. You HAD your chance, suckerrrrrrrrrrrrr!

  5. Night-Gaunt49

    I suspect that Grounder has a joker in his deck. A surprise that can flatten most if not all opponents finding out too late what it is. It will not be cheating because he thought of it an uses it. He is also a nasty person who kills any he doesn’t like. Someone you want to kill or at least strip off his flesh and let him suffer greatly.

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