05/15/18 – Hits The Spot




I feel bad for big red guy. It should’ve won, it trained all its life for it. But, that’s the price of a omnipotent author wanting a laugh.


  1. Coyoty

    Now is bloodless time. Ironic that he wins by making sure the blood is stopped.

    Bikkie can start an accupuncher practice.

    (I know, Devyat allegedly did it, but my writey senses anticipate that she’ll tell Anesu that she didn’t have to do anything at it was all Bikkie.)

  2. I just listened to a podcast where Malcolm Gladwell made the argument that it’s wrong to root for the underdog because the outsized disappointment and shame that the favorite feels for losing does not compare to the glee of the winner. We are being cruel to want the underdog to win.

    However, I don’t think Gladwell took into account the glee of an underdog alike Bikkie. Just saying. It balances. 🙂

  3. Peter Rogan

    Bikkie’s sense of justice prevails over his primal urge to beat the hell out of his opponent. Admirable, and rare. Usually it takes a lot of getting the hell beaten out of you before you realize a fair fight might not be a bad idea for all.

    Bikkie either intuited that Big Red had a tender solar plexus or he may just have hoped a concussion to Big Red’s aorta would bring him down. Either way, the move of a champion. I hope Anesu cleaned up from her faith in him.

    “Now is blood time.” Heh. Going to remember that cold line hereafter.

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