05/21/18 – Hidden Crawl Space




There is always a crawlspace/duct/air-vent,etc. Ever since “Over Sea, Under Stone,” or the Hardy Boys “The Secret of the Caves,” or “The Count of Monte Cristo.” It’s like walking on cobblestone, there are always shoes SOMEwhere.


  1. Herandar

    Just noticed that your site header and cover drawing both still state that Spacetrawler is Monday and Wednesday, and the M-Th experience has been playing out for a few weeks now.

    1. Gregg Eshelman

      The corollary to the entry in the Evil Overlord List about making sure all your lair’s HVAC ducts are too small to crawl through…

      If there is a HVAC duct large enough to crawl through, it leads to a trap.

  2. andreas

    Wait, why does this sign say: “Reactor core maintenance and detox tea room (bring your own tea cookies)”?
    Here is another one: “Entrance chamber cleanup crew mandatory work-life balance counseling retreat”.
    And one more: “This way to the predictable scorpion pit maintenance accident treatment facility”.
    That can’t be good…

  3. Muzhik

    You know, this whole “secret passage” stuff has been going on since Renascence times, and they were only “secret” to IMPORTANT people. These passages were built so that servants could remove, clean, and replace the chamber-pots without the higher-ups being forced to be exposed to their “contents”.

    And Bikkie, just keep telling yourself: “Bikkie only pawn in the game of life.”

  4. Peter Rogan

    I don’t believe it.

    Bikkie has actually managed to wipe that smirk off Anesu’s face. Well done, sir. She doesn’t appreciate being irritating in a way she didn’t plan. I think such knocks are helpful, if not downright therapeutic.

    That said… Who ARE you now, Bikkie? And what will you become later? Bikkie is on a trip not unlike the dodge through the secret passageway, the ends of each obscure to all. Well, nearly all.

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