05/22/18 – For A Good Cause




This has nothing to do with the fact that I’d about kill for a bowl of butterscotch pudding right now.


  1. War Pig

    Or butterscotch pie (slightly different but not much). Instead of meringue, amaretto crème fraîche on the side or amaretto whipped cream. I prefer the richness of the Crème fraîche. I sometimes put a slug of Courvoisier in the butterscotch.

    1. andreas

      How about soy-milk or almond-milk based? Unsweetened it has a nice bitter taste to that nicely complements the ample sugar hiding in the rest of the recipe 😉

      It is even further from the point but Bikkie won’t say no to it. I think. Is Bikkie a vegetarian? (Ok, we already had this dynamic between Poirot and Emily…)

    2. Jude

      Just found out my digestive problems that slowly came on a few years back and over time has been getting worse is due to being lactose intolerant. And I like milk and all sorts of milk-based foods! Then a friend introduced me to lactose-free milk. I’m in Canada and found the brand Natrel the best. Not sure what country you’re in or the brands but look around. All the larger supermarket here carry lactose-free milk.

  2. PeterK

    I am not sure what anesu is doing here. Next level manipulation stuff for sure. Making him feel smarter on purpose? Maybe just gauging where he is at? Interesting stuff anyway.

  3. I’m glad that this is being addressed. I always thought Anesu’s ego needed a bit of work. She’s a little bit of a monster.

    She’s so charming and devastatingly clever that I doubt she’s ever had to humble herself the way most people do through the natural back-and-forth of traditional human relationships. Being able to play everyone so easily may have stunted her empathic development. Just look at what happened with Pilot and Flyp. She deliberately engineered a situation whereby a helpful samaritan would be brutalized in order to force their cooperation, and felt nary a shred of guilt.

    So she either believes that the ends justify the means or simply doesn’t perceive the moral qualms of hurting people to get what she wants, especially since she can still befriend them afterwards. Coercion seems acceptable if it can be laughed off. It makes me wonder if she’s ever really apologized for anything and meant it.

    There’s a kind of parallel between her and the Slinten Pod. Perhaps Anesu only sees them for what they are because they’re so much alike.

  4. Peter Rogan

    Pretty heady stuff for the Marsupial of Few Prepositions and/or Articles Speaking Of Himself in the Third Person.

    Quo vadis, Bikkie? I know it’s not ‘BLOOODD!’

  5. Coyoty

    “This is your target, Mr. Baldwin. Make it clean, and–”

    “Wait, why are you giving this to me?”

    “Do you want the pudding, or not?”

    “…Give me the folder.”

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