06/21/18 – Gounder’s Throne Room




Better safe than slurry.


    1. meerling

      I agree. In fact that’s the first thing I thought of when that one showed up and so easily directed them to the supposed “Gounder”.

      But then it’s such an over used trope, how could I not suspect it?

      Ok, it’s very common in Earth fiction, but it might be a fairly new idea to the galactics. They may have been around a lot longer relative to human civilization, but we seem to be rather creative in unexpected ways and irritatingly confounding to them.

  1. andreas

    The Gordian knot of moral dilemmas is flammable?

    Final panel: I’m sure it was true?

    “But better us safe” also sounds a bit hackneyed relative to Jabby’s usual bombast… perhaps “Better to be safe” (than sorry)?

    [depending on the meaning of safety: physical safety vs safety to not have any potentially guilty party slip through the blinding light of retribution…]

      1. Finn Kenyon

        I always take some issue with science fiction referring to the light of 1000 suns, do they mean 1000 earth suns, if they aren’t aware of earth what could they possibly mean. Plus stars have a very wide range of luminosities, so that could really be anything. And perhaps they are instead referring to the heat, but colloquially, or some mix, but the same problem occurs. The light of 1000 suns is exactly the kind of thing only an idiot (like jabby) would say.

        1. Well, reality is a fine line with this comic, really. Since, theoretically, we all have the “translator chip” implanted in us (as it is with the characters). And so some alien expressions get translated into American English expressions. But, I might change it to “the light of 1000 stars.”

          As far as luminosity, I always took the expression to mean that it’s really bright, as in, put yourself in a room with these thousand stars and see how well you can see ever again. 🙂

    1. Seamus MacLeod

      More just “Kill ’em all.” I don’t think Jabby is remotely interested in sorting the aftermath. I don’t think he particularly cares what else is left after achieving his goals.

  2. monomalo

    Hah! I love that Gounder is hanging off the ceiling above the throne instead of sitting in it…
    (I know this isn’t the first time we’ve seen that, but the first time I mistakenly thought he was leaping up out of the throne with the sheer joy of having established himself as a primo-baddass…)

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