07/03/18 – De-Hobbling




This is how I imagine a big battle. Lot’s of lying around wishing one was out getting ice-cream instead.


  1. War Pig

    Speaking from experience, a big battle does not generally consist of a lot of lying around (post WWI trench warfare, that is). Generals, colonels, etc like to keep you moving about a bit and shooting at the other side. A big battle (or even a small battle) does, however, consist of an amazing amount of people desperately wishing they were somewhere else, eating ice cream. Even sharing ice cream with the people at whom you are currently shooting.

    You can get used to shooting at people, eventually. You never get used to the other guys having the unmitigated gall to shoot back, though.

    1. Jim Campbell

      It’s true, War Pig. Tens of thousands of rounds sent down the one-way firing range are nothing compared to that first round that comes back up the two-way range!

      1. Bonker of Things

        Makes me kind of wonder if anyone ever thought of building a shooting range where a robotic rifle fires paintballs back at the shooter. I know it will not be the same thing as knowing the opponent uses lethal force but it ought to give some type of feeling that it’s not a cake walk to be in a war.

    2. andreas

      Well, that’s “our” side (rich countries sending out invasions). The “other” side (i.e. people who live there) are quite used to sitting tight in trenches and tunnels, waiting out the onslaught of missiles and artillery coming at them at a price tag of a sizable fraction of local GDP.

      Let’s see how Jabby will ready itself for Mauricio’s next act of “betrayal”.

    3. Finn Kenyon

      These days battles in wars are mostly people dropping bombs, placing mines, or piloting drones from a distance, all the death happens at a distance from the killer, except the massacres those can happen in person or from a distance.

  2. Meran

    We wouldn’t have as much fun with Jabby, but I wonder why he hasn’t disabled Mauricio’s “peanut gallery” opinion-speaking abilities.

    He doesn’t even need Mauricio’s head at this point, except for a type of camouflage….

  3. Peter Rogan

    Nothing, I think, can be so maddening as being the unwilling victim of a fight you were never in — just your infesting kidnapper. You can kibitz, you can scream, but you are not even safely an innocent target. Mauricio is a war horse dragging the mighty cassion, but the cannon survives the shell burst that eviscerates the horse. A situation as far from just as one can imagine.

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