07/04/18 – Pilot’s Cargo




Everything has a trade-off.


  1. andreas

    Thus the moral decision is to leave the bomb with Wezzle? Nice try…

    Fortunately for Pilot, the way Jabby is progressing, it may not come to the hard choice between bombs or books (because of everyone being too busy disintegrated to worry about being blown up or have time to read).

    But Jabby may also point to the way out of this dilemma: “I say it is only fair for you to return my books undigested without delivery of the package (and btw I have a friend who is a friend of Jabby. Yes, that Jabby)”.

    In jurisprudence, this is known as the “btw: Jabby’s friend’s friend” doctrine (btwjff). It can only be overturned by the intergalactic supreme court, and that only once, and briefly.

  2. Muzhik

    Pilot, some free advice, worth what you pay for it:

    Save the books.

    It may or may not actually be a bomb (i.e., does Wezzle actually KNOW it’s a bomb? and if so, how); it may or may not be armed and ready to blow; it may or may not kill someone when it goes off; it may just kill one person or many people; …

    In short, there are just too many variables to consider when thinking about the may-or-may-not-be a bomb. On the other hand, you can always grow more people, but some of those books may be rare editions (if they’re gone, they’re gone permanently for all time, kind of like… people?); or they may be signed, irreplaceable first editions; or ?

    Save the books.

  3. Peter Rogan

    More victims of Fate, unwilling and unhappy prisoners not just of circumstance but of plans and schemes made somewhere else, by parties only partially known, in pursuit of objectives obscure but more than faintly nefarious.

    You can’t be comfortable carrying what amounts to a bomb on a mission that amounts to doing exactly what the bad guys want. Leaves a bad taste in the mouth, however that mouth is formed.

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