07/17/18 – Worth Caring About




The order is VERY important.


  1. Peter Rogan

    Pilot’s motives here confuse me. Doesn’t she realize she’s only making their (and her) survival much less certain by beating up Anesu now? Can’t she understand that Devyat’s abilities are the only way they can escape the Gounder’s minions? Even if she were sure she could beat up the minions, is that sufficient to overcome whatever else the Gounder has lying in wait for the rescue party? Is she beating up Anesu because she concealed an active live half-Eeb or because she loosed her secret to Pilot and the minions? Does Pilot, herself, understand what she is doing? And what effect this will have on her recovering her books?

    1. Nova

      She’s definitely mad because Anesu outed Devyat’s capabilities instead of keeping them secret – she’s mad on Devyat’s behalf, effectively. All the goons saw it – probably a lot of security cameras saw it too, and are still seeing it, while Gounder’s security spiders spit their space-coffee across their viewscreens.

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