07/18/18 – Can Do Anything






    1. Herandar

      It would tickle me to no end if Devyat shed the jacket, jeans and headscarf, and came out dressed like a mainstream comic female superhero; skin-tight uniform/bathing suit on anatomically (impossibly) perfect body designed for horny teenage boys, and long, perfect flowing hair.

      Then went back to the old garb because the new suit chafed.

  1. Peter Rogan

    Has anybody else yet realized that Devyat has now become the mirror-image of Mauricio? He’s still discovering how completely he’s been compromised by the nearly limitless power of Jabby. She’s coming to an understanding that her power really doesn’t advance her interests, at least not without considerable social cost.

    As long as the two of them do not meet, the universe need not melt into oblivion. We have that much time, no more.

  2. Night-Gaunt49

    There is a reason for alter egos. Do you want to go shopping as Superman? Getting your hair styled as Black Canary? Though it may not matter here for Devyat.

    Reminds me of “The Power” by D. F. Jones and the 2nd Star Trek pilot, “Where No Man Has Gone Before” about humans and the queer energy that boarders our galaxy. If some part of your brain isn’t burned you start to become super beings starting with the eyes. The novelized story mentioned skin color changes to, think Silver Surfer in look eventually with white hair and glowing silvery eyes.

    1. Gregg Eshelman

      I’d want to skip that super transformation. The aluminum foil sandwiched between two hard contact lenses would be really uncomfortable, also hard to see through with only a pinhole.

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