07/25/18 – The Salient Point




You have to remember in context, when there used to be enslaved Eebs everywhere, they were ALL clamped. An easier mistake to make than at first imagined.


  1. Schismatism

    I’m surprised the Gounder hasn’t pulled the trigger yet. I mean, not that it’d likely help against an unclamped Eeb, but you’d think…

    Also, Devyat, why are you giving him time to think about things?

  2. Kaidah

    For muttering “Oh crap” as he faced down an unclamped Eeb he just threatened to not only enslave but kill her friend in the process, the winner for understatement of the storyline goes to…The Gounder!

  3. tony

    I really want to know why Devyat dresses like a hobo… Oh yeah, also, Space Trawler is awesome! I had the good fortune to discover it recently and spend many satisfying hours reading from the beginning. Spacetrawler should be two (or three) movies. It’s my favorite web comic, with Unsounded a close second. I hope Devyat “adjusted” the Gounder’s attitude so that he’s the polar opposite of all he had aspired to be, and he just wants to apologize and fix everyone a nice cup of tea now.

    1. Muzhik

      @tony, Oh, yes. She adjusted “… the Gounder’s attitude so that he’s the polar opposite of all he had aspired to be …” He is now dead, which is pretty much the polar opposite of “alive”.

      (For extremely small values of life, of course.)

  4. Night-Gaunt49

    It appears that Grounder’s grandiosity made him forgetful. Devyat reminded him of it. Then when that happened he deflated. (I liked how you accomplished that, very visual and easily understood.) Such is the Eeb legacy.

    Also just enjoying all that goes on in these stories. Been reading them for years.

  5. Peter Rogan

    No no no no no no!

    Now Devyat’s inserted herself into the sticky web of action/consequence/responsibility that Jabby likes to apply to lesser beings. Heaven knows if there’s a way out now.

    Is she complicit with Jabby? Does she now owe Mauricio the death she practically handed to him on a silver platter? With the Gounder out of the picture, it’s Eeb capability versus Jabby’s endless inventiveness and its fondness to project its own urges onto others in the name of ‘justice.’ IF, that is, Devyat doesn’t get confused long enough to get manipulated in turn. It’s not just the slinten pod that pulls this sort of shit, you know.

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