07/26/18 – Gounded




How could I NOT end the Gounder with poetic justice? There was really no other way.


    1. Gregg Eshelman

      Devyat seems to have programmed Jabby to be anosognosic.

      Actual examples include people who are paraplegic yet insist they can walk. Ask them to get up and walk and they’ll easily come up with many reasons why they won’t. Another version is a person missing part of an arm or leg yet insisting it isn’t. Show them where they’re missing a bit and they insist it’s not their limb.

      In Jabby’s case he insists he’s blasted Wezzle, despite the fact that Wezzle is still there. Could be that from now on, Wezzle will be ‘invisible’ to Jabby.

    2. Toxic

      Based on what Devyat said three pages ago, it sounds like she didn’t even need to change anything else;

      “even if jabby did notice, he wouldn’t acknowledge it, not even to himself. because it would be admission of weakness, which is against his programming.”

      He was already insane, she just found a way for his insanity to work against him.

  1. Gregg Eshelman

    How does the gounder user avoid being fried by the exhaust from its thrusters? I presume they’re there to counter the recoil from launching the nasty looking spike in zero gravity conditions.

    Question the 2nd. How much does a gounder weigh? Or are the Gounder and Wezzle exceptionally strong to be able to wield a device much larger than they are?

    1. Kaidah

      “With internal micro anti-grav motors to allow one person to hold it up without needing bulky cranes or clumsy construction robots, and a personal forcefield generator in the handle to keep you from turning into Sunday barbecue when you pull the trigger, the Gound series 3000 anchoring system protects not only you but your wallet.

      Remember: when you need to nail that project down, nail it to the Gound.”


  2. 3oranges

    It’s a good thing Jabby has lost his force, because it looks like he doesn’t need even the pretense of Mauricio’s authorization any more. I wonder what changed? I mean, this would be tough to spin as part of keeping him safe.

    1. Luke

      Maybe it’s that Jabby’s constraint code wasn’t affected by the insanity, so he was allowed to take the action because that part knew it wouldn’t actually be an attack?

  3. Peter Rogan

    I think I am going to fear the new insanity as much as I was terrified by the old insanity. I sense vast cosmic forces realigning themselves with the new, troubling reality.

    Certainly this must weigh heavily on Mauricio. I mean, here he is, actually beside himself. That can’t be good.

  4. Muzhik

    Now we know the sound a death ray makes when it’s had too much to drink and releases itself on the passenger side of your car.

    (And once again, it will fall to you to clean up someone else’s stale death from the floor of your car, all the time reminding yourself that it could be worse: it could be your dad’s car.)

  5. Kat

    I LOVE this page in so many ways. I’m compelled to add that today’s extra mini-comic on Patreon made it 100 times even better. Ohymygawd!! And there was much lol-ing.

    And I finally noticed in the bottom middle panel how much of Mauricio’s leg Jabby has already replicated for him. Whoa.

    ps: “pflarb” is an amazing onomatopoeia and I love it. Also, it’s gross. And I love it!

  6. reader

    Why do I get the feeling that Wessel is far too similar to the Mole still?

    Could he be a leader of a rival gang who usurped the grounder? leading to an unrivalled monopoly in the underworld.

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