07/30/18 – Missed the Fight




An agreement is an agreement. 🙂


  1. Thracecius

    So…does that mean that Mauricio has to become an underworld boss? How’s that going to gel with his wanting to be left alone plan?

    Maybe he can get some tips from Dr. T’Soni…err…The Shadow Broker. 😉

  2. Peter Rogan

    Oh, that hardly seems sporting. Anesu must be more punch-drunk than she appears, to let Pilot get in the last punch like that.

    If Devyat can reverse Jabby’s programming… why can’t she reverse he process by which he replaced every cell in Mauricio’s body as he took over? Meaning that at some point he’d complete the dis-takeover and simply drop off Mauricio, achieving whatever personal triumph he gave Mauricio’s life to get. Huh?? Why not??

  3. Jude

    Chris, are we following the story as it happens or is this being re-enacted through Mauricio telling Nogg and Mr. Zorilla his story? If it’s the latter, then Mauricio killing both of them through Jabby wouldn’t be as intimidating. Not that he couldn’t achieve it by other means.

    Mauricio was wearing pants and a ponco/cape when he was telling his story so we couldn’t see his legs. But now that Jabby seems to lack the capabilities he had before Devyat re-programmed him, does that mean he can no longer heal or replace body parts for Mauricio since he’s still missing the leg the Gounder sliced off?

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