09/05/18 – Pilot Asks A Favor




It’s often a complex thing to ask a friend for a favor having to do with their skills they use in their profession. Like asking a doctor friend to look at your sore knee. Not impossible, not always inappropriate, but usually complex.


  1. Jude

    Poor Bikkie. Nobody thinks of including him in their fun.
    The way Pilot phrased it “…if you think it inappropriate for me to ask, just tell me.” is what I use plus “Don’t be afraid to tell me no. It’s very hard to hurt my feelings.”

  2. andreas

    “Devyat, I have a date in the evening. Starry skies are so romantic, it would be such a shame if it were overcast…”

    “Oh, and clumsy me has again squeezed out too much toothpaste – care to do your magic?”

    “Finally – far be it for be to overstretch boudaries – there is this weird blue planet, a dark world almost not inhabited, sitting smack in the way of our coming galactic expressway. Could you make it go away? I know you are sensitive so I didn’t ask you to blow it up for the insurance money like we were going to do, just move out its orbit a parsec or two? Get on with it I am getting late for my romantic outing.”

  3. TB

    The doctor analogy is a little different if you’re the only doctor within 500 light years.

    Teleporting would be more useful than telekinesis here. Just remove the books from the book-eating monster.

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