9/6/18 – Bomb Dudding




It seems most people I know (including myself?) who hold themselves to a high standard of behavior, are much kinder in how they judge those around them. It’s taken me YEARS to learn to be kind(er) to myself. πŸ™‚


      1. The toy poodle put the Great Dane up to it.

        “There’s a loaf of yummy bread up on the counter, but I can’t reach it.
        We could have a picnic on the couch with it, but I’ll have to remember to hide the empty bag under the couch cushions!”

        True story!

    1. Muzhik

      I think one of my cats thinks I taste good. He’s a garbage gut, and frequently will nip at me. I usually think it’s to get my attention; but occasionally I wonder if it’s to remind himself of the need to be patient. At some point I won’t get up quickly enough to feed him, and he’ll partake of my flesh.

      1. reynard61

        Cats are predators. If it’s smaller than they are and moving, it’s food. If it’s bigger than they are and moving, it’s food waiting to happen. And cats are *VERY* patient…

  1. DSL

    People who hold themselves to a higher standard of behavior when tested know how difficult it can be — which *might* be why such folks *might* be more forgiving of others’ lapses.

    Of course, failing to meet standards to which one holds others is something that never fails to get noticed by those others.

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