9/6/18 – Bomb Dudding




It seems most people I know (including myself?) who hold themselves to a high standard of behavior, are much kinder in how they judge those around them. It’s taken me YEARS to learn to be kind(er) to myself. πŸ™‚


      1. The toy poodle put the Great Dane up to it.

        “There’s a loaf of yummy bread up on the counter, but I can’t reach it.
        We could have a picnic on the couch with it, but I’ll have to remember to hide the empty bag under the couch cushions!”

        True story!

    1. Muzhik

      I think one of my cats thinks I taste good. He’s a garbage gut, and frequently will nip at me. I usually think it’s to get my attention; but occasionally I wonder if it’s to remind himself of the need to be patient. At some point I won’t get up quickly enough to feed him, and he’ll partake of my flesh.

  1. DSL

    People who hold themselves to a higher standard of behavior when tested know how difficult it can be — which *might* be why such folks *might* be more forgiving of others’ lapses.

    Of course, failing to meet standards to which one holds others is something that never fails to get noticed by those others.

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