9/12/18 – Familiar With Lowlifes




I get grumpy too when I get low blood sugar.


  1. Peter Rogan

    Until I met a C-130 loader, I didn’t know they were the only military personnel to be issued switchblades. The reasoning behind that was that if they get snagged as they’re air-dropping cargo out the back end at 1000 feet or less, and they only have one hand to free themselves with… they can still cut themselves free before getting dragged out the hatch.

    But I, too, want to hear WarPig’s story. I had two eggs and some two-week old sausage links with apple jelly.

    1. War Pig

      Actually, paratroopers also get them in case they need to cut themselves out of chute lines if they get tangled in a tree. It is a gut-hook blade made to snag and sever parachute lines.

      MC1 Paratrooper Survival Knife

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