10/11/18 – Gentle Kidnapping




If you can’t trust family to protect you, who CAN you trust?


  1. Peter Rogan

    Oh, clever! When word of the abduction leaks to the rebels, they’ll tie themselves in knots trying to figure out who got there ahead of them and try to make contact with them. I don’t doubt Emily has foreseen this and has her deception lined up to find a way to use that paranoia productively.

    Still, I’m a little concerned that Galactic politics is so bloody Byzantine. Wheels within wheels, plots within plots. It’s not unlike trying to follow along the various powers and schemes in a Dune novel. It’s a nice place to read about, but boy, do you ever pay a heavy price for living in it. Think I’ll get a refill on popcorn and see if the cider is cold enough yet.

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