11/05/18 – Too Clever




It’s always important to take turns. And to remember that cleverness takes many forms, forms which don’t always cover all the bases.


    1. Muzhik

      @Coyoty, D*MN! Now I have to change my password AGAIN! Thanks, blabbermouth.

      If he REALLY wanted to keep the plans secret, he would have put them in a folder in a filing cabinet, labeled “Secret Plans”.

  1. reader

    Commenting again as I think this got deleted. …

    Kangaroo’s are the T-rex of animals. They box with their Legs when facing foes. The arms are more for inter Kangaroo squabbles.

    Ok their arms can still do a bit, but nothing compared to their legs.

  2. “advanced technology” vs. “sticky notes”? I evaluated all of the advances in information technology of the last century, and sticky notes was the biggest one by a large margin. Sticky notes provide the database that’s so advanced that the data are attached directly to the physical objects to which they refer. Pure electronic systems have still failed to deliver that.

  3. Thracecius

    I was going to post almost word for word what Kaidah said, and Mike O’Donnell’s comment is just the icing on the cake. Post-it notes are one reason 3M will last for centuries. πŸ˜€

  4. Peter Rogan

    Arthur Fry, seeking a way to make bookmarks for his hymnal that wouldn’t fall out, borrowed one of the failed adhesives his co-worker at 3M to put on each of a pad of small paper tags. A stack of these had been dropped off at his desk, and when another co-worker came by with more documents, and not finding Fry at his desk, immediately wrote a message on the topmost tag and stuck it to the top of the documents. Fry, finding the stacks and the note, immediately said to himself, ‘Say! This could be a total systems solution!’

    I guess that’s the way they say ‘Eureka!’ at 3M.

  5. Muzhik

    @Peter Rogan, I recall reading that the bosses at 3M frowned seriously at him over this product, as they had ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA how people would use this product. The boss’s secretaries totally loved it, but then, what do they know, they’re secretaries, if they had brains then THEY’D be the bosses.

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