11/20/18 – Being Apex Speaker




That’s the problem with politics, in my book. It seems like a lot of trouble if I’d ever gone into it. But to each their own, I certainly work as many hours doing comics, something which would probably drive most politicians nuts.


    1. TB

      I’ve often wondered how it would work if we had a political “draft.”

      Eligible citizens (maybe similar to the pool used for jury duty) would be drafted for political office. “Greetings: you have been selected to be the House Representative for your district for the next two years.” You could get out of it if you had a really good excuse, like jury duty. The job would be term-limited, and nobody would get picked for the same office twice.

      If you want to mollify the democracy crowd, pick two or three and put them up for vote.

      1. Nezumi

        There’s a few problems with that, including that it’s still establishing and maintaining unjust hierarchies, just filling them at random. (And the potential consequences of filling them at random is another problem. Say what you will about representative democracy, but you generally don’t get people who think slaughtering the people en masse is great — or at least, not in ways that [neo-]Liberal society actually classifies as violence.

    2. Nezumi

      Might I recommend anarchism and direct democracy as a solution? Can’t have the wrong people in office if there’s no offices to hold. (And if you must have representatives, there’s ideas of how to get around the issues surrounding those.)

  1. Coyoty

    Yeah, politicians often dislike comics and cartoons for some reason.

    Another reason not to run for Apex Speaker is you’ll just be a figurehead for Emily who’ll have compromising recordings of you.

  2. Kaidah

    She’s not wrong. Since being promoted to manager I’ve commented more than once “remind me again why I wanted this job”. Being a leader is hard, second guessing that leader’s decisions from the outside is easy (and a lot less stressful).

  3. Seamus MacLeod

    When I worked retail, I consistently was offered promotions to Asst. Manager, and once to Center Manager. After accepting the first one, I demoted myself. Management is a game with it’s own set of skills and rules, which doesn’t always mesh up with the game you have to run on the floor. I had spent years learning all the processes to do my job really well. When asked on my next review where I saw myself, I responded “The highest paid key-op in the company.”

  4. Rikard


    Main problem with politics: imagine some Group of people have been playing a multiplayer strategy game, like Civ V or somesuch, and now it’s your turn to sit down to play.

    But you don’t get to restart it, or reset it, or change faction or difficulty or even save your game. (You’re not even allowed mods or hacks!) Instead your handed some elses old faction, with a metric ton of history, and deals, and… well, you get the idea.

    That’s the trouble with politics.

    Greetings from Sweden,
    Rikard, ex teacher

  5. Peter Rogan

    We’ve tried leadership by random selection. Back in the days of Pericles. It didn’t work. Most people rightly fear power and its side effects, and are acutely aware of the responsibility. Those who didn’t flee were deliberately mediocre so that someone else would take over. Unfortunately, we’re overrun with people with no talent but a great desire for power. Modern politics is little more than constraining such people into confined and restricted roles so they can wield power without crushing people or bankrupting the country. Of course, as we have seen, sometimes that framework breaks down, and you get a madman whose delusions of grandeur are only barely matched by their incompetence.

    Sometimes we survive such roosters. Sometimes we pull down the framework thinking that it was what failed us, not the idiot the deer sweet peepul put in charge through it. And this is what is known as “bad luck.”

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