11/21/18 – Secret Society’s Return




NOPE! Just when you were hoping the Secret Society was gone. One final swing at bat. Or probably “final.”


  1. Fnordius

    The thing is, it’s best to have your own honeypot secret society. There will always be tools wanting to join one, so why not run it from the very start? That way, the dangerous rebels can be unwitting stooges to the very thing they are rebelling against.

  2. Peter Rogan

    When King conflates bowel disorders with the problems of the G.O.B., I get worried. He just might end up giving several star systems an enema, and send a warfleet to clear his colon. No possible good can come from this. In fact, we can expect only one outcome, likely delivered at high velocity with no targeting.

    Save the hats, it’s too late for boots.

  3. Night-Gaunt49

    Mixing space fleets with bowel movements by the King reminds me of the talk about “cabbages and kings”. A strange mix there. But then for him it is all jammed together in one body. Maybe he should do what other kings of the Earth did of sitting on the throne and conducted business. The other throne that is.

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