11/27/18 – Covering The Bases




I never pictured these two as becoming friends, but I can picture it now.


  1. Strain Of Thought

    I think they get along because they’re both basically good empathetic people who nevertheless are completely without principle. Emily thinks Pierrot’s principles are ridiculous, but she deeply admires him for having them. Wezzle similarly see Mauricio’s principles as wildly impractical but adores him for holding them so sincerely. Both Emily and Wezzle will shamelessly do whatever they think is necessary to survive and prosper, revel in a good turnabout, and think other people’s inability to be as flexible is cute, but seem to recognize that a world filled with people like themselves would be a lot less enjoyable for them to live in. They’re sort of like chaotic good versions of psychopaths.

  2. Peter Rogan

    Emily’s not pleased with Wezzle’s open contempt for her conniving skills, even though he’s trapped in them. I expect the tale told over a beer later is going to be most amazing payback as Wezzle gleefully describes how the plot would have gone without Wezzle’s interference.

    Um. Confusion. Isn’t Pilot a she? For that matter, isn’t Wezzle?

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