11/26/18 – Recruiting Wezzle




Emily is kind of a “square peg, round hole, big hammer” kind of gal.


    1. andreas

      Then again, she seems pretty informed. Perhaps she just doesn’t like loose ends.
      If I had a Wezzle onboard I would try to keep him/her/it occupied as well.
      Oh, and if not too busy, also check on massive bombs sitting in my HQ that may or may not be active.

  1. Herandar

    I fear that I’ve already forgotten Flyp.

    Yes, I know what you’re thinking… “Fear he freaking forgot Flyp?! What a faux fan!” Forsooth, I’m fully as frustrated as you fellows.

  2. Peter Rogan

    Emily wants the bad guys to know she’s on their tail. The usual reason for such a gambit is to expose the working parts of the machinery as they move toward their (thwarted) conclusion. It can also force panic and expose the emergency part of the plan — the one not visible or detected.

    Of course, WE know she’s after the Secret Society, but doesn’t know that yet. I wouldn’t be surprised if Emily were not surprised not to detect them, but to find they’re people she knows. Using as clumsy a tool as Wezzle will make them think Emily’s lost her touch — and THAT may mean SHE becomes the next target. Hence the moving of her family (involuntarily) to safety.

    Cross fingers. From here on out hairy is the operative word. Keep your magnetic boots as well as your helmets; no telling in what direction the floor will come from.

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