12/26/18 – Risking One’s Life




Boxing Day?

I made a holiday comic, BUT I posted it over on my PATREON page.

It is FREE and UNLOCKED, but… it’s over there, (just scroll down once there) so that if you want to you can sign up while there. 🙂

(you can also just donate through Paypal, but the holiday strip is only over on Patreon) (the Paypal link has been added to the right sidebar as well)


I am so thankful for Patreon. Freelance comes and goes and has been a little thin this year, and I haven’t had a big book release for a few years (This Spacetrawler story will hopefully be released in the autumn). And Patreon has allowed me to survive and keep working hard to make the best I can for you. YOU have given me this, by supporting me. Thank you.

-Christopher Baldwin


  1. Peter Rogan

    Mauricio has the right of it, even without knowing some of those calamities are going to come from within.

    I must say, I admire his strength of spirit. With Jabby effectively at mission’s end, he no longer seems oppressed. There remains the little detail of his near-total integration with Jabby via nanites, but for now he seems normal and centered. That’s very cheering, actually.

    It’s a pity the logic of story will move us from this brief respite. But I appreciate even the glimpse of Mauricio restored to himself again. Maybe madness is only temporary, after all.

    1. TB

      Mauricio’s fate is actually unknown. While Nogg showed up at the beginning to tell Mr. Zorilla his second kid was also dead, and started telling this story, this was kind of nullified when Mauricio showed up later, hauled both of them back into space, and told a bit more of the story.

      It’s hard for me to remember sometimes that, unlike some earlier episodes, we’re watching events now in real time, not listening to a character relate a story.

          1. TB

            But then Mauricio is still alive! So far.

            I’m curious, but not enough to actually do the work to check it out. How much attention do you have to pay to whether or not the events in a scene are something Nogg and Mauricio would actually have access to? Did they do extensive interviews of every character in the strip?

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