12/27/18 – Bad Day




For Mauricio it has all been one big long bad day since this adventure began.

I made a holiday comic, BUT I posted it over on my PATREON page.

It is FREE and UNLOCKED, but… it’s over there, (just scroll down once there) so that if you want to you can sign up while there. 🙂

(you can also just donate through Paypal, but the holiday strip is only over on Patreon) (the Paypal link has been added to the right sidebar as well)


I am so thankful for Patreon. Freelance comes and goes and has been a little thin this year, and I haven’t had a big book release for a few years (This Spacetrawler story will hopefully be released in the autumn). And Patreon has allowed me to survive and keep working hard to make the best I can for you. YOU have given me this, by supporting me. Thank you.

-Christopher Baldwin


  1. Efogoto

    Most people who encounter Barbot have come to *him*, not vice versa, and they *always* want to talk: “One Bourbon, One Scotch, and One Beer!” or “Gimme another, tarbender, I haven’t passed out yet.”

  2. Peter Rogan

    What a lousy design flaw. Sometimes the customer just wants the shots lined up next to the bottle and leave him (or her) the hell alone for the next hour. How can any competently-assembled barbot lack this recognition?

    I have to presume the manufacturer makes a good deal out of the one-month warranty they give you, knowing that the repairs for the rest of the year to eighteen months the model survives will comfortably result in the purchaser spending two or three times the purchase price to get the same damn’ dumb barbot who doesn’t know when to leave the bottle and get lost. Nice racket, that.

    1. Muzhik

      @reader, it’s Jabby’s way of sucking his victims (sorry, “recipients of justice”) in. Everyone becomes so used to his “pflarb-ing” that at one point, someone’s going to stick his/her/its hand/pseudopod/tentacle into the stream of pflarb, only to discover that it has become something like the organic yogurt in that classic ’80s sci-fi-horror film “The Stuff”. And now that it’s been activated, everyone who was pflarbed will now begin to be consumed.

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