01/14/19 – I’m Broken




Saturday we went to dinner with friends, and another round of photo-sourcing a character from the “scuba story!” Yay!


  1. Coyoty

    Darn it, we spent weeks pretending to train to lead this mission…

    Maybe Zorilla will actually do something useful accidentally to fix the situation.

    “Where were you while the engines were out?”
    “There, in the kitchen…”
    “That’s the engine room!”
    “Well, your coffee maker was on the floor with coffee spilled all over…”
    “That was one of the fuel cells and its fuel!”
    “Well, I put it back where it said ‘Mr. Rocket Fuel’ and filled it up again with coffee from the canister that said ‘Rocket Fuel’…”
    “Wait… Do you call your coffee ‘rocket fuel’ on Earth?”
    “The really good stuff.”
    “Hah! I guess we had the right stuff after all!”
    “But no coffee came out, so I pulled it out to fix it, and that’s when the engines shut down…”
    “Or not.”

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