01/17/19 – Normal Conversation




Wednesday was yet another “scuba” photo shoot. Yessss!


  1. Jude

    Jabby: But Mauricio, I’m our best friend! I’ve stuck with you through thin and thick. I’ve healed you when you were hurt. I’ve even saved your life when others were ready for you to die!
    Mauricio: Shut up, Jabby. You’re already mad. It’s where I’m going too.
    Jabby: See? We’ve got so much in common!

  2. Peter Rogan

    The thought of Jabby having post-retirement plans scares me to death. He’s already largely replaced Mauricio; what or who else could he take over and turn into an ally in his quest for justice? For surely that part of his “ethos” (for lack of a proper antonym) has not retired, not in the least.

  3. Night-Gaunt49

    He needs to hold it together by being with people. Instead he is doing what people who intend on suicide do. Separate and alienate themselves disconnected from their own species before they do themselves in. Only Mauricio can’t if Jabby will stop him. So he may go catatonic. He may withdraw inward. Then what will Jabby do?

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