02/06/19 – Working Battalion




Well, I took a lot of breaks and pushed a lot of fluids, and somehow was well enough today to get back on top of things. Finished today’s strip as well as finished Monday and Tuesday’s (you’ll find the last two day’s posts updated).
Fortunately, I wrote and laid this week’s strips out BEFORE I got sick, so they are theoretically coherent. And funny. Fingers crossed.


      1. watcher


        I am kinda over bashing Nogg. Yes he hijacked some Earthlings but he did it to save all the Eeb’s. Hey he saved the galaxy from the Kreebrick.

        Emily while showing valour, arrests and locks up her husband. IMHO I would get a divorce after that transportation (unsure who divorces whom). Sets up Marcurio to shoot King, but then tests on her first….. Wait a second what if Jabby actually worked and he killed Emily, then King is defenseless with Jabby heading towards him!

        Now she is like “well I am just going to shoot at Nogg’s rustbucket. The lead ship in my fleet.” Irregardless of how strong it’s made, and she knows Nogg is dodgy with repairs. She put everyone on that ship in danger.

        IMHO she is now an asshole.

        1. M

          Jabby works only when Mauricio and Jabby agree, no matter what. Emily was testing Mauricio’s understanding that Jabby was depowered. If Mauricio accidentally killed Emily via Jabby, he would know that Jabby was dangerous again and avoid killing King.

          So her plan was actually pretty great and non assholeish

        2. 7eggert

          She set up Disabled-Jabby to not-really-kill the king so the events would progress. She was prepared to take the consequences if Disabled-Jabby wasn’t disabled.

          If Nogg’s is the lead ship in your fleet, shoot it. He would not do much in the fighting and has a knack for being in the right place with the right people because of (not) repairing his ship. Also your enemies will not shoot him if his ship is disabled, and you send a message: Look what we’re prepared to do to our own – we’ll do worse to you even without our “lead” ship.

  1. Peter Rogan

    We now see why Emily included them in the van of the fleet. Nothing like a compliant if somewhat slow captain and ship to serve as an example of bad things to come. Very wise of her.

    Welcome back to the land of the well, Chris. Keep up the fluids and the additional rest. Or I’ll send my medication list as previously threatened.

  2. Muzhik

    …and somehow was well enough today to get back on top of things.

    I’d be VERY careful if I were you. In my experience, “getting on top of things” after an illness usually results in my forgetting to make sure the things are properly chocked and thus ensuring the things get on top of me, after tilting over.

  3. Night-Gaunt49

    Welcome back Chris. I have my own meds but you don’t need to know what they are.

    Nogg is annoying.

    So do any ships have protective screens? Emily was probably using minimum power there.

    So are we having this space war or not? Next question is why? Anyone done a cost to benefit analysis yet? Where are the War Actuaries in this?

    Good looking space ship designs too.

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