02/12/19 – Locked In




Life is good. Can I just say? Life is good.


  1. Night-Gaunt49

    I smells me a trap. But so what? I’m scramm’n anyways.

    Now he has to figure out what has happened. Do any of his captors like to hunt intelligent life-forms? Or has there been sabotage? Or is someone space happy? Just git!

  2. andreas

    “Grand-aunt Anesu, what is this stack of glowing sheets in your closet?”
    “They are shiny, aren’t they, little one? I estimate that stack represented about 32% of the GOB gross universal product.”
    “Wow, Alien money! Can you exchange that into Earth money?”
    “Hah, no, and I wouldn’t want to part with it. At any rate, the interplanetary economy broke down – apparently on on account of someone taking too many credits out of circulation.”
    “So why do you keep it, then?”
    “Silly question, why does one keep anything? It’s shiny, and they didn’t want me to have it.”

  3. Meran

    And, after asking on the previous page, there it is! (They are?) lol

    I can imagine you drawing it out… getting the “cover body” correct, then randomly spotting it with your pen, wildly spotting away.

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