03/04/19 – Taking Her Word




Why it’s always important to know your history, I suppose.

There was plenty of 3-D building for me this week. The cell in this strip, as well as Jansler Mygg’s cockpit for the second two strips of the week. I’m getting better at building 3-D models, and it’s always exciting to feel I’ve mastered new parts of it.


  1. Nova

    All this could have been avoided if Devyat had just deactivated the trigger mechanism for the warhead instead of putting on a show.

    “Wow! It must have been a dud! What an incredibly fortunate occurrence!”

    1. Nova

      … I’ll be honest, it’s bugging me a bit? It feels like she had taken such pains to be quiet and secret with her abilities in the past (well… I guess the time she burrowed through a wall in front of the gounder’s security is an exception), and then suddenly it’s all out the window.

      BuuuUUUuut I guess I can accept it being “heat of the moment”, or just time pressure.

  2. Peter Rogan

    The problem with omnipotence is…. you can’t escape it. Or its logic.

    Once you find you can do ANYTHING, that NO event is beyond your reach or power to alter, this power seizes your mind and you no longer can think as you used to. You don’t want to. Whatever your urges, to build, destroy, or do both even simultaneously, you find you must. You must, because you can, and so much of the universe needs alteration, or help, or erasure.

    The Eebs, petty and small-minded, failed to learn this lesson until they were converted into propulsion units. Afterwards, of course, they saw no reason not to wreak bloody, firey total vengeance on a Galaxy that had abused them. The same small-mindedness Red-9 exhibits here.

    It would seem that those the Universe wants destroyed, they first make omnipotent. Devyat, for all her powers, cannot escape the logic of omnipotence. Not, at least, without using it in a way she’s never heard of or thought of before.

    Makes me think of what happened to Dr. Jon Osterman, and his final words: “Nothing ever really ends.”

  3. Muzhik

    There’s a Netflix series I’m becoming hooked on, “The Umbrella Academy”. One of the characters has the power to compel people to do things. In one of the opening scenes, as a child she tells one person of a gang of bank robbers, “I heard a rumor that you shot your partner in the foot.” The next thing you know, he’s shot a partner, and mayhem ensues.

    Now, as an adult with a child, she gave into temptation and used her power on her 3-yo child when the kid was having a typical meltdown. As she told one of the other characters, “It was just going to be for that one time!” But it wasn’t, and now her ex-husband has a restraining order keeping her from seeing or being with her child.

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