03/27/19 – Back On The Job




The important word there is “sometimes.”


  1. piratep2r

    I think it’s “eminent position” (prominent, famous, important) rather than what you have, “imminent.” (threatening, about to happen, soon). Just FYI.

    Also I think it’s interesting that Dimitri is smiling in the last panel. Does he want to be the apex speaker? I would have assumed not. There must be a cunning Russian plan at work…

    1. No, I think “imminent” is correct. He’s the Vice Speaker, and doesn’t want to give up his right to become Apex Speaker, so Apex Speaker is his “imminent” position since he doesn’t have it yet but will have (well, would have had) it soon.

  2. Muzhik

    A couple of comments:

    @Peter Rogan, Never forget: A Russian will say one thing, think another, and do a third.

    Second, in the words of Pope John Paul II: “Stupidity is also a gift of God but one mustn’t misuse it”

    Third, there’s a story in Iowa history about a representative from a certain county (call it Home) who, when the vote was called on an issue, would say, “If it’s good for Home, I vote yes!”, leaving it for everyone else to decide if it was good for that county or not. He did this until there was a bill brought up for a vote that revoked representation for Home in the Legislature. When he asked, he was assured that yes, this bill was very good for Home. Imagine his reaction when he found out he had voted himself out of a job! It took some grovelling, but eventually the bill was revoked and he always paid attention to the debates from then on out.

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