04/02/19 – Specific Meddling




What is it about Ireland, man?


  1. Meran

    Being German/Irish, I can say it: the Irish are second only to Germans in the way they propagate. (On the heritage boards, among European surnames, the Irish pollinated many flowers, more so than any other European except the Germans. At least that’s how it was represented. ????)

    So, most anyone can count German ancestors as well as Irish ones, nowadays. In America, that is.

    Im an example; I’ve met SO many ppl locally that exclaim “Me too! Which grandparent was born in which country?!?” I almost feel it’d be like a reunion, if there were an Irish or German festival here.

  2. Fnordius

    Admittedly, attachment to Éire seems to be strongest in places which were British colonies, such as the USA, Canada, New Zealand and Australia. Continental Europe is less so inclined.

    1. Kaidah

      That’s ’cause to us they seem distant and exotic. To Europe they’re just that neighbour who gets loaded and decides to build a deck at 3am.

      …and to Ireland, England must look like the guy who wanted to cook hot dogs so he built a bloody great bonfire right next to his house. Ha! Brexit humour from someone who doesn’t live there and is barely affected by it. *ba dum tiss*

  3. DSL

    In my part of ‘Merica, so many people come from Germany or Ireland that you can’t help but have German or Irish blood in ya. Or both.
    King? He’d fit right in at any St. Patrick’s Day party between the Appalachian Mountains and the Mississippi River.

  4. KQY

    I have coffee with Dimitri each morning (a cup from the first series). And, Ireland. The movie The Quiet Man does that to me. Makes me want to move there, actually. And, it was just on. As it is every year. I figure this was an influence for King. 😉

    Ok. I managed, somehow, to post the above comment into yesterday’s section. That’ll make no sense to anyone reading yesterday’s comments. Or, they will wind up moving onto today and think I knew what was coming a day early….

  5. Owen Smith

    Speaking from the UK, I never understood this Irish strange attractor. Until Brexit that is, but my search for Irish or German or any other EU ancestors so I can get a passport have yielded nothing.

    1. Ryan

      I think it’s a genetic memory driving us to remember our ancestors so that we won’t forget the evil that drove us away, so that we can prevent it from happening again to our descendants. However, we the genes misread our situation, when we should have simply been WARNING you who stayed behind on the Isles: “BEWARE The Tories! They’ll drive EVERYONE to have an ‘American Wake’ If they can!”, or, in you case, a “Mainland Wake”.
      Their party didn’t cause the famine, but they deliberately obstructed attempts to alleviate it.
      Why did Labor have to replace the Whigs? Why couldn’t your ancestors keep the Whigs and have Labor replace the damn Tories!?

  6. Peter Rogan

    Adopted ethnicities aside, Devyat is going to be hurled, I see, into the same maelstrom for who Nogg is destined — and, with any luck, luckless Mauricio.

    So who else is going to drift, be shanghaied, face a sudden compulsion or simply find themselves on a ship going to its destruction? Because with Jabby out of commission, either Devyat saves the day or a monstrous injustice occurs. Nogg is drawn to such by almost supernatural force, but everybody else gets their free will dandled or simply gets zapped by Nogg. By the way, though Jabby no longer is lethal, I haven’t seen anything that might reduce or even effect his powers of nano-transformation. The coming Gordian knot already twists my guts with possibilities. I’m out of popcorn again, so I must chew my nails.

  7. 0z79

    Why is it that when one says “I’m of Scots-Irish descent,” people who live in Ireland want to be pedantic and say that you shouldn’t be proud of your heritage?

  8. Muzhik

    As someone who is German-Irish (genetically 3/4 German 1/4 Irish, but culturally Irish-American) I describe it to people this way:

    The Irish part of me has no problems with believing in vampires.

    The German part of me says they can’t exist because the amount of pressure needed to exsanguinate the average adult in less than 5 minutes would crush the sinuses of the vampire; as well as severely weaken the vampire’s teeth (the size of the tube in the canines needed to suck the blood through the teeth) making it less likely that they would be able to get a firm oral grasp on their victim. This could be worked around if they worked like vampire bats, i.e., they slash at the throat of the victim then place their mouths over the wound and suck the blood.

    The Irish part then replies, “Oh, aye, but you’re saying that it then *could* happen.”

  9. Randall R. Besch

    Muzhik I must be a pedant here at least in relation to the vampire bat. They slash and lap, not suck. As for the female mosquito when she has eggs I cannot recall where they either suck or let the pressure of the blood in the vessel push it into them for their eggs.

    As for the supernatural vampire. There are several classifications and numerous types. So I can’t say about the mechanics of feeding. If any of them even suck the blood out by the fangs or by the mouth or some specialized organ for that purpose. They would have to be adapted to do so. Not counting the ones that feed on semen or life force, or feces.

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