04/03/19 – Unfinished Business




Had movie night on Monday! We watched a double-feature of “Ghost In The Shell” 1 & 2. I have MANY issues with them, but… Fun! πŸ™‚


    1. watcher

      Love the Detail in the background.

      But yes, a normal gun shouldn’t be able to kill Mauricio no matter how much Mauricio wants this.

      I wonder if Jabby can return to his killing self. Would…. Oh I see this from a mile away. Ok Hypock, convince Jabby that he can’t really murder anyone and make him change.. NEXT character.

  1. Kaidah

    He’s rich enough to bribe his way out of jail, but didn’t have enough left over to replace his striped jail clothes? Surely the seat of the galactic government has a haberdasher somewhere on site? King…I mean, Mr. O’Kingly had to buy that hat somewhere.

    I love ‘Ghost in the Shell’, but you’re right the movies are a little odd at times. I preferred the ‘Stand Alone Complex’ series myself.

    1. @Nomi is correct, she is female. I hear you on the clothing, it is a bit silly, but I went with the striped clothing to imply story-wise that she came straight from prison and that she has more important things on her agenda (revenge) than getting her wardrobe fixed first.

  2. Peter Rogan

    We are the deranged, interrogating the deluded about the disappeared, who’s standing just over there. “I Don’t Give A Darn” is the shortstop, and Bob’s your uncle.

  3. Randall R. Besch

    Ah, so Hypock is female. I suppose the males have larger horns…and stripes are slimming after all. Now can Jabby be coaxed to exterminate just one more life for old times sake?

    What will Mauricio do now? If he cannot be hurt he is just stringing Hypock along for a time. I suppose Hypock can kill the king herself. But Jabby claims the king is dead. Can you believe your lying eyes, Hypock?

    I like the “Ghost In the Shell” tv series. Wish they would make another season. I am looking for the original manga too.

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