04/08/19 – Saved




Catching up after a business trip. Meaning I just want to eat cannoli and sleep.


  1. 3oranges

    This is I think only the second time I’ve ever seen a mistimed heroic dive. Why haven’t more authors come up with it? It seems like it would be the most natural result of trying, and it’s really funny.

  2. Coyoty

    Hypock seems to need a lot of catching up, too. Her killer doesn’t kill; her target is right there, friends with the killer’s driver, who wasn’t supposed to be the driver in the first place; the driver beats her up; and now the driver’s dad gets in the way. Meanwhile, she just got robbed and now has to deal with a bunch of angry unpaid mercs. She’s missing a lot of memos.

  3. War Pig

    If I eat more than one cannoli I get a sugar rush and I can’t sleep for a few hours, then I crash like a lazy dog and sleep like a log for about ten hours. Same way with baklava. Ugh.

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