04/04/19 – Dead, Not Dead




I imagine very headache inducing.


  1. watcher


    Arrgh. Don’t set up a rule, then say “oh yea I can break it”. Jabby has to have Mauricio’s agreement to fire. It’s not an optional extra.

    This isn’t DR Who, you don’t get to just rewrite rules the next time an episode features Weeping angels.

    1. 3oranges

      I don’t think Jabby strictly needs Mauricio’s permission to fire, as shown by killing Reemp back at the beginning. He just needs to agree the target is guilty. Wanting any more permission than that is only a gentleman’s agreement.

    2. Nova

      He’s played fast and loose with the requirements before. He presumably took Mauricio kicking the gun out of Hypock’s ha– tentacle as permission enough then realized “oh crap I phlarbed without being asked”. He is still a completely self aware entity after all, and not -strictly- bound to such rules.

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