04/16/19 – Not Charming




Yay! Mr Zorilla does a successful leap!


  1. Jude

    If the day ever comes that some maniac slices off my arm, I hope I can stay as stoic as Mr. Zorilla has, with a mere “ow!” I also hope that a skilled medibot’s on hand to re-attach it as I’m sure Mr. Zorilla’s will be.

      1. Evyl Keith

        Indeed (evyl chuckle and smyle that would make Headly La Marr envious) indeed, funny. Yes, funny…and other things. Must make a note to have that right arm replace with a cluster of tentacles.

  2. Peter Rogan


    “It’s all fun and games until somebody loses an arm.”

    There. I said it.

    That said, it’s going to be interesting to see how Mauricio’s psychosis processes maiming the dad he wasn’t really sure he had. (P)ause, (R)ewind, (U)ndo, (D) Redo?

    Also, Hypock is right. Mauricio IS disarming.

  3. FlySwatter

    I can honestly say “I didn’t see that coming”, despite the fact that you clearly (in retrospect) telegraphed the joke. I’m unsure if this qualifies as a “bravo” or “golf clap” moment. Take both Chris.

  4. Randall R. Besch

    In that world cutting off an arm is a flesh wound. I really thought Mr. Zorilla would get a more grievous wound like in the heart or cut in half…

    Though reattachment could be possible if they are good at regrowing and mending nerves. Though he will bleed out in seconds if they don’t get him in a medibot triple time pronto!

    If not used more carefully a LASER can just turn you to exploding vapors. But when my middle toe was amputated they did us heat to cauterize it closed.

    Another one of those open mouthed scenes that have a humor chaser. OH!!!

    1. Gregg Eshelman

      Have to have a bit of a stump to apply a tourniquet for a severed arm to not be very quickly result in fatal exsanguination. The left and right brachial arteries are up there with the descending aorta to the legs and the carotid arteries for fast bleed out.

      That’s what Otzi “the iceman” died of. Stone arrowhead that cut his left brachial artery.

      Surfer Bethany Hamilton got her left arm bit off by a shark, fortunately leaving just barely enough for another person at the scene to get his belt on for a tourniquet.

        1. Meran

          It can be amazing what you learn reading comments. ??

          Because of 2 of my other webcomic reads, I’ve learned SO MUCH about European culture and politics, specializing in the Scandinavian countries. And how it all compares to the US, and sometimes other countries on other continents.

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