04/17/19 – Mechanical




There’s a moral here somewhere. I’m like Aesop. Or, maybe there isn’t really. Never mind.


    1. TB

      Not so much a dick, as just somebody with no governor on his brain-mouth connection. When you look at his overall character, he actually has a lot more basic virtues than a lot of the others we’ve met in this strip. You wouldn’t invite him to a party, but he wouldn’t cheat you at cards, either. He might screw up an easy hand, though. Make sure he partners with someone else.

      The closest one to Mr. Zorilla in character type is probably Emily, who is basically also an unpleasant piece of work who is solid gold at her core. Kind of deep in the core, but it’s there. Unlike Mr. Zorilla, though, Emily is frighteningly competent.

  1. Peter Rogan

    On the other hand, could we really tell the difference between psychotic Mauricio and his dad, now? They both are prisoners of their own worst impulses to do good. One can hardly imagine the horrors to follow should they join forces.

    And where did Hypock get herself off to? Is she still keen on bumping off >ahem< "Mr. O'Kingly"?

  2. andreas

    “Old man, these are rather unusual specifications for addons!”
    “Why, it seems standard issue to me: powered eggbeater, mixer, melted chocolate dispenser, integrated oven, food thermometer, alarm clock, frosting dispenser, and retractable cake lifter”
    “You sure you don’t want any lasers?”
    “Good point, they could speed things up a bit…”

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