05/06/19 – Reading Reward




I prefer hugs. To each their own.


    1. TB

      The translator device is doing the best it can with a kangaroo brain. This isn’t even a kangaroo that’s been made smarter by raiding the garbage cans at Unseen University.

  1. Pedrocelli

    I wonder what his skin and fur look like under those bandages – it can’t be good. He’s never been seen with them off. Maybe he takes them off each night; washes and dries his arms; puts on a clean pair each morning; does his laundry once a week but it’s just hard to picture a kangaroo doing all that, even Bikkie . . .

  2. Peter Rogan

    I’m still astonished I understood all this on first reading. I think I used to room with Bikkie at college. Bikkie great at chemistry. Could make any lab go BOOOM, and he did with four of them. Faculty not happy, but master’s paper was brilliant. After I caught him misspelling his name on the title page. Simply brilliant.

    1. Bonker of Things

      Sometimes, all it takes to be brilliant is to have the guts to do what everyone else claims cannot be done. Tricky part is, of course, to succeed and, sometimes, to survive after succeeding. I hope your Bikkie has all their fingers intact.

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