05/07/19 – Bikkie and Pilot Brawl




All good things.


  1. insanely fun. this ranks up there with Episode IV: A New Hope’s scene where Luke and Leia have to swing across the chasm in the deathstar.

    i always enjoy reading this day-by-day, but right here is a high-point. well done.

    totally agree with @Efogoto — fantastic work on the dramatic perspective and all the camera angles. superb cinematography here.

  2. Gregg Eshelman

    Watch videos of kangaroos fighting and you’ll see they always pull their heads back to avoid punches and protect their eyes.

    Unlike a trained human boxer they don’t dodge sideways, duck, or turn their head to dissipate the force of a punch.

  3. Randall R. Besch

    Now I am intensely interested in Bikkie’s feisty sister! She must be one tough cookie to hand Bikkie’s ass to him on a regular basis.

    Maybe they should draft her into the force.

    The flow of the action is expert and seems effortless, but I know it was carefully drafted by a master. Who boy lots a fun!

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